Building capacities for cooperation

Welcome to the Ki of Cooperation Community of Practice Presented by ITP International

 The Ki of Cooperation

The Ki of Cooperation is a practice that builds confidence and competencies for cooperation across boundaries. 

In these turbulent times, cooperation is surely the most important component of a solution to the challenges that our society faces. Like a gentle rain on a parched plain, if we could douse the flames of confrontation and discord with a steady dose of cooperation, we could then have the ground for a rebirth of civility. 

If we could bottle up cooperation and put it on sale, it would likely become one of the most valuable commodities imaginable. And here you have it, in a nifty and practical packet — a practice to create a more cooperative culture.

Key concepts

  • Cooperation is an inside job
    To cooperate successfully as global citizens takes skill, resilience and practice. This practice  is designed to help meet the global crises of our time, threats to our environment and the democratic systems across the world, by equipping citizens worldwide to honor one another and work together toward common goals. 

  • Ki - the flow of energy
    Ki, loosely defined as energy flow, is a central concept to our study of cooperation. Ki flow has a natural organization that is involved in the evolution of individuals and society. Once we develop sensitivity to it, we can allow it to help us create a more cooperative and just world.

  • The integral
    Effective transformation involves the whole person — body, mind, heart and soul — where each of these aspects can be seen as “windows” to an underlying wholeness. Integral, used in the context of this practice, suggests that the co-evolving of all aspects of ourselves leads to balanced growth and greater human capacity through ongoing practice.

Who will thrive in our community?

  • Do you believe skillful cooperation will make the world a better place? 
  • Do you believe in the power of many perspectives to find solutions to bring harmony and peace to the world?
  • Do you believe in the wisdom of the group?

If your answer is yes we think you will thrive in our community. We value curiosity, exploration and a sense of adventure. We offer opportunities of learning and hands-on experience supported by our community facilitators and members. 


What to expect

Being a part of a community of practice is a powerful way to develop your skills and confidence. It offers opportunities to practice and blend your ki with other curious people from all over the world.

Community membership

We offer two types of memberships and access to the Community House:

Ground floor

The Ground floor is open to curious newcomers who wish to dip their toes into the Ki of Cooperation, exploring the practice and getting to know the community members. 

You will have access to the Community House Ground floor with facilitators and a selection of practice resources. This is a free membership and open to all who share our values and guidelines. To become a member, click Request to Join and follow the instructions.    

Practitioner  floor

The Practitioner floor is open to members who have completed the Ki of Cooperation Training Program.

This floor offers more practice resources and active facilitation of deep conversations about cooperation. 

Training Program

The Ki of Cooperation practitioner training features concepts and exercises drawn from Integral Transformative Practice, along with influences from Aikido, Nonviolent Communication and Appreciative Inquiry. The program is designed to help people worldwide develop their inner capacities for successful cooperation.

Introducing powerful tools and practices for you to:

  • Speak your mind clearly and with confidence
  • Listen deeply and inquire to understand
  • Gain clarity on your values, what matters most
  • Welcome new ideas and different points of view
  • Keep creative energy flowing under pressure
  • Experience inclusive, mutually fulfilling, positive relationships

Check here for the next opportunity to join the Ki of Cooperation Training Program.

“Today, our power is in passing forward the story of each act of cooperation and reconciliation. Life calls everyone on Earth to listen, to cooperate, tell your story, and invest in our future for the good of all.”   Len Traubman


The Ki of Cooperation is rooted in Integral Transformative Practice® (ITP), a research-validated program developed in 1992 by George Leonard and Michael Murphy, authors and human potential visionaries. ITP was created for use by people of all ages and backgrounds to support them in making lasting, positive changes in their lives and in the world. ITP International (501(c)(3) non-profit organization) is the principal of the Ki of Cooperation.

For questions about the Ki of Cooperation email ITP International at [email protected].